Aly Agoff is a
product designer.

By that, she means she is skilled in User Experience, Visual Design, and has an eye for improving the business.


Her background in visuals crosses branding, content, and design systems. Over her 5 years at Wealthfront she developed a tenacity for crafting user experiences that add customer and business value.


Recently she's focused on incremental and iterative product development, rooted in customer insights.



Financial Planning

With plenty of data curiosity, build out a roadmap to test our hypothesis, iterating on experiences that move our company metrics.

Develop functionality for users to tell us about their financial lives, so we can offer improved financial advice. Designed an affordability system to support users in making trade offs.

Lead Designer for feature UX & UI, as well as landing page design

2016 Rebrand & Website Redesign

Repositioned brand to reflect the values of the user. New website with new visual design system.



E-commerce holiday shop design. Persona based rebrand and landing page redesign.



Beta app design


Feature design, branding update and website redesign


Growth Design, 3 month contract

Craft Inc

Product Design Agency, 3 month contract working on Brightcove new feature onboarding


Children's shoe e-commerce app, UX and design strategy

Goals and Guides

A sneak peak at a some of the UX and Content work I have lead at Wealthfront

Workwhile Beta App Design

Lead the first app design of a new startup that connects hourly workers with jobs that work with their schedule

Owler Brand Update

Keeping their core brand color in tact, how could we elevate the visual expression and modernize their brand?

A sampling across projects

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