App Redesign

What the Font: An app redesign

Brief: A personal project where my love for typography and mobile design intersect; I noticed that the powerful WhatTheFont app tool is in need of some loving, and seek to streamline the user experience and interface.

The old app: What the font is an app that allows users to take photos of found typefaces and then identity them. This remake is designed to make the overall experience a much more enjoyable one.

Paint points: Loss of context when selecting characters, difficulty to delete excess characters, information was hard to access once found - had to save a screenshot if you wanted to save a typeface.

Redesign features:

  • Sticky search image - keep your original image as a reference as you verify the characters.
  • Saved fonts - instead of referencing a saved screenshot at a later time, now you can access your found fonts on your phone and laptop.
  • Whats Trending - see what typefaces have been most searched lately, to get inspired from the design community.